I practice arts-based facilitation as a way to catalyse change. My facilitation style focuses on connection over content and expansion over contraction. I believe in alternative, more participatory and decolonial ways of knowledge exchange and integration. My methodology focuses on building capacity, experiential learning, creativity and imagination, collective wisdom/power, and embodied ways of knowing. Overall, I strive to build a sense of belonging, growth, and empowerment for all participants in all that I offer.

My Methodology

The collective is wise.

We do not know everything. We each know what we know. Sometimes even then, we may doubt ourselves and feel alone in our experiences, our enoughness, our struggles, and our fears. Any sense of isolation and judgement can shrink how we see ourselves and the confidence of what we have to offer in this world. When in reality, there is a wisdom that lives in all of us. If we lean outside ourselves to our neighbor, our friends, our community, and the nature around us, we may discover and deepen our relationship to not only what it is that we do know, but also the affirming potential of what happens when we come together for things we don’t. And in that, how we each hold the wisdom that inspires expansion in one another, a deeper sense of belonging, trust, and relationship.

Embrace the space in between.

The world likes to put us in boxes, binaries, labels and categories, where truth lives on one end or the other. When there is no in between, we can feel unseen, unsafe, and unworthy. When there is no in between, we can become trapped and compressed by singular notions of the world and all the relations that make it. Who we really are is unique, nuanced and complex. We are many truths that exist all at once. Often there is comfort in the binary, the black and white, and discomfort in the grey. Honoring and allowing all of us to show up in our complexity strengthens our muscles in holding the black, the white, the grey, all that in between and the diversity of emotions emitted from these places. It builds capacity for curious and loving compassion for all the stories that live, that are hidden, and those yet to be told. It is an approach to celebrate and learn from the richness that exists across difference, realities, and experiences. 

Building capacity for resilience.

Growing up is hard. Growing pains are real. Sometimes we know what we need to change but don’t know how. Sometimes we don’t have a clue but we know something's gotta give. Sometimes we think we got it and then we don’t and fail. From the ground up, we need to ground in. Grounding up requires strong foundations, knowledge, and practice of the right tools that will work for you. Grounding in requires maturing our emotional intelligence and humility in recognising what needs work. What needs to be broken down? Built up, restructured, and strengthened? Moving towards an embodied understanding of the seeds we want to grow and the tools to water them, only strengthens our confidence, contributions, and capacities in life as our fullest selves.

Everything in time. Everything takes time. 

Our relationship status to time can be...complicated. Whether we have too much or too little, it feels like it is a constant tension that can stress us out in all sorts of ways. Depending on where we’re at, time expands or contracts. It can feel incredibly spacious or painfully urgent. It can be delayed or spontaneous. Either way, there is a time for everything. While change often does take time, sometimes it is as quick as a lightning bolt ignited in the dark. Spaciousness that allows for time to intuitively exist requires boundaries like if time was a river. Sometimes it moves fast, sometimes it moves slow, sometimes it winds, lands and takes breaks in lakes and oceans or multiplies as distributaries. Listening to time and understanding the push and pull of when to flow downstream or resist upstream, works towards sustainable, emergent and confident practices. In considering this relational aspect to time, the “end goal” is not at the center but rather, the journey.

AoF - photographer Melanie Schambach
C2 Conference
C2 Conference
nurturing our bodies nurturing the earth


Each format below can be mixed and matched accordingly and has unique benefits and impacts depending on your intentions and what you hope to work towards. 

Workshops • Curriculum Design • Trainings • Intensives • Consultations • Debriefs • Meetings • 1 on 1 • Mentorship • Mediated dialogue (space holding)

In general, my work holds concepts and themes such as:

Accessibility • Anti-Oppression • Ancestry & Rituals • Anti-Oppression • Boundaries • Creative Facilitation • Creativity & Criticality • Diaspora & Liminal space • Empowering Leadership • Equity & Diversity • From Self to Society • Generative Conversations • Mindful Communication • Power of Presence • Relational Dynamics • Self & Community Care • Solidarity & Allyship • Sustainability • Transforming Tension • (W)holistic Healing • and more!

All curated content under the main themes below are customisable and new content can be created according to your needs. 

Living Soils and Society

Vibrant soils are crucial in the health and wealth of the nature we see around us. This workshop will explore and investigate how the patterns of nature are applicable in cultivating healthy, equitable, inclusive and resilient social landscapes. What can healthy soils teach us about healthy societies, communities, and the human experience?

Nurturing our Earth/Bodies

Similar to Living Soils and Societies, this workshop uses the observations and teachings of nature as a tool for inner work. In particular, using the concept of edges as a way to gain a deeper understanding of how edges within our communities and our bodies can be seen as spaces of inspiration, healing and transformation.

Spoken Ancestries

Spoken Ancestries is a spoken word workshop that will take participants on an introspective journey of the Self. Where do we come from? Who do we come from? What is home? Our own personal histories and lineages will be the inspiration for building a deeper language to ourselves and relationship to our roots. Participants will be guided through a series of collective and individual activities that will investigate, explore, and celebrate the mysteries and truths that only they can tell.

Where are you from?

But no, where are you really from? Aaaah. A question that is incredibly layered, activating, and revealing. For those of you who know, you know. This workshop hopes to affirm just how complicated, mysterious, and unknown the answers can be, as well as spark simple truths that exist within the idea of from-ness and our relationship to it. This workshop is for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) participants only.

Arts & Equity Based Facilitation & Design

Learn and practice creative and practical tools to better engage your audience both live and online (Zoom). For anyone that wants to run more participatory and inclusive classes, courses, trainings, meetings, debriefs, and more.

EAT training
art matters
living soils and society

Over the years I have worked with organisations, groups, non-profits, and collectives such as the ones below. Contact me here for facilitation requests!

Art Matters! • C2 Conference • Canadian Council for Refugee Youth • Centre Connexions • Climate Justice Montreal • Concordia University • Earth Activist Training • Eco-Institute at Pickards Mountain • Femmes du monde à Côte de Neiges • Land as our Teacher • Lotus Collective • Midnight Kitchen • Nistamikwan • Project 10 • Quebec Writers Federation • Rap Battles for Social Justice • Regional Association of West Quebecers • Saint Columba House • Sustainable Concordia • and more!