I practice arts-based facilitation as a way to catalyse change. My facilitation style focuses on connection over content and expansion over contraction. I believe in alternative, more participatory and decolonial ways of knowledge exchange and integration. I focus on building capacity, experiential learning, creativity and imagination, collective wisdom/power, and embodied ways of knowing in my facilitation and design of all that I do. Overall, I strive to build a sense of belonging, growth, and empowerment for all participants.

For example, my work holds concepts and themes such as:

  • anti-oppression
  • equity & diversity
  • boundaries
  • ancestry & rituals
  • solidarity & allyship
  • transforming conflict
  • (w)holistic healing
  • empowering leadership

  • self & community care
  • relational dynamics
  • generative conversations
  • mindful communication
  • diaspora & liminal space
  • power of presence
  • creative facilitation

  • accessibility & sustainability
  • creativity & criticality
  • from self to society
  • circle work
  • and more!

AoF - photographer Melanie Schambach
C2 Conference
C2 Conference
nurturing our bodies nurturing the earth
EAT training
art matters
living soils and society

Over the years I have worked with organisations, groups, non-profits, and collectives including:

  • Art Matters!
  • C2 Conference
  • Canadian Council for Refugee Youth
  • Concordia University
  • Earth Activist Training
  • Eco-Institute at Pickards Mountain
  • Femmes du monde à Côte de Neiges
  • Lotus Collective
  • Midnight Kitchen
  • Nistamikwan
  • Project 10
  • Quebec Writers Federation
  • Regional Association of West Quebecers
  • Saint Columba House
  • Sustainable Concordia
  • and more!