Art & Performance

I come from the crack of dawn
Boiling broth stewing over lit fire
mùi của sả, gừng, hành tím khô, tỏi, ớt bột, bột nêm, đường

I come from a leap in the dark
Wrinkled fingers held 26 gold nuggets

Eagerly pocketed for entry
On a boat to anywhere but here

Don’t stop ‘til you get to Canada 阿爺 said
Auntie and Uncle were the first to sail for all of us

*Excerpt from Roots, published in Living Hyphen

Artist statement:

I use spoken word, poetry, visual arts, and movement to tell stories and capture feelings located in questions of identity, place, and futures. I am interested in how one moment can impact everything – how the past, present, and future collide – and how to embody that complexity through multiple mediums.

CALACS photographer: Po B. K. Lomami
Langues Chorales - MEPF - Micheal Kovacs
2021-10-mtrl-CARÉ-Gala-skp-perf-dona-kimura byol
DAM debate

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