Art & Performance

In the beginning, I put pen to paper as a means to process, as a way to tell stories from my heart and the beating collective consciousness. Now, it is also a pathway for me to heal, transform and archive. My process examines and titrates the written and spoken. The sung, silenced and forgotten. The slowly emerging (her)stories of all that brought me into this life, in the here and now.

I come from the crack of dawn
Boiling broth stewing over lit fire
mùi của sả, gừng, hành tím khô, tỏi, ớt bột, bột nêm, đường

I come from a leap in the dark
Wrinkled fingers held 26 gold nuggets

Eagerly pocketed for entry
On a boat to anywhere but here

Don’t stop ‘til you get to Canada 阿爺 said
Auntie and Uncle were the first to sail for all of us

*Excerpt from Roots, published in Living Hyphen

Over the years, I have been an MC for many events, including a co-host for Poetry Nite, an open mic centering QT/BIPOC voices, as well as a contributing voice to Chai Chats Podcast. In addition, I’ve been invited to share my work at the Mile End Poetry Festival, C2 Conference, and various stages in and outside of the poetry milieu. I’ve also sat on various panels regarding community work, inclusion, intersectionality, and representation. Currently, I am working on an ancestral archival project I’ve been long dreaming of and documenting my inner world in these ever evolving times here and there.

CALACS photographer: Po B. K. Lomami
Langues Chorales - MEPF - Micheal Kovacs
DAM debate