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I come from the crack of dawn
Boiling broth stewing over lit fire
mùi của sả, gừng, hành tím khô, tỏi, ớt bột, bột nêm, đường

I come from a leap in the dark
Wrinkled fingers held 26 gold nuggets

Eagerly pocketed for entry
On a boat to anywhere but here

Don’t stop ‘til you get to Canada 阿爺 said
Auntie and Uncle were the first to sail for all of us

*Excerpt from Roots, published in Living Hyphen

Artist statement:

Born and raised in amiskwaciy-wâskahikan (Edmonton, Alberta) from hardworking Vietnamese-Chinese parents, I have always grappled with the in-between, a consequence of displacement and a common reality of the diaspora. While this edge can give me the best of both worlds, it can at the same time make me long for what has been lost. In the hopes to reconcile the known and unknown of my story, my (her)stories, my ancestries, and how I have come to be here, now, my process looks back, as far as it can, researching, integrating and braiding it all together through spoken word, poetry, and movement. I explore the concept of time in story, how one moment can impact an entire generation, an entire legacy. I explore what can happen when the past, present, and future collide.

CALACS photographer: Po B. K. Lomami
Langues Chorales - MEPF - Micheal Kovacs
2021-10-mtrl-CARÉ-Gala-skp-perf-dona-kimura byol
DAM debate

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