book cover - photographer Natalia Fedosieieva

A Book Launch & Discussion / Un Lancement de livre & discussion was a collaboration between myself as lead organiser (SiM) and Jen Gobby (CJM). It was the launch of of Dr. Ingrid Waldron’s book, There’s Something in the Water, based on her project: the Environmental Noxiousness, Racial Inequities and Community Health Project (The ENRICH Project). This project importantly addresses the socio-economic, political, and health effects of environmental racism in Nova Scotia. After Dr. Waldron’s presentation, Ellen Gabriel (Kanehsatà:ke), Vanessa Gray (Aawmjiwnaang) & Will Prosper (Montreal Nord) presented stories of environmental racism and land struggles respective to their communities.

terps , photographer cory hunlin
panel, photographer Natalia Fedosieieva
ellen photographer Natalia Fedosieieva
ingrid, photographer cory hunlin

This event was an invitation for all to listen, connect, share strategies, and find ways to support and be in solidarity with each other.

Watch and/or listen to the launch here.