SiM I - Malek, Dona, Harleen, Photographer: Kinga Michalska.jpg

In 2016, Sisters In Motion (SiM) was co-founded by Malek Yalaoui, Harleen Bhogal, and I (pictured above). After not seeing ourselves or our QT/BIPOC kin represented in many spoken word/art spaces, we took a leap together in creating this community project. We shared similar passions and visions and came together to create spaces to highlight the brilliance, excellence, and resilience so often silenced by the mainstream through the written and spoken word.

SiM I - Organisers embrace, Photographer: Kinga Michalska
SiM II - Kat and Cody, Photographer: Ion Extebarria
SiM II - Courage and Sara, Photographer: Ion Extebarria
SiM IV - Artists and Organisers, Photographer: Bianca Lecompte

Beyond our core values of centering QT/BIPOC women and femme stories, we strived to be as inclusive, accessible, and sustainable as possible. Alongside creating annual spoken word events, we organised a diversity of workshops to build deeper capacity for writing, performing, critical thinking, and self-love.

SiM III - Artists and Organisers, Photographer: Kinga Michalska
SiM II - Ange, Photographer: Ion Extebarria
SiM I, Photographer: Kinga Michalska
SiM IV - crowd cheering, Photographer: Kinga Michalska

Sisters In Motion hoped to create deeper sense of belonging and connected kinships. In a few short years, SiM brought together countless artists, volunteers, mentors, facilitators, and community to plant and cultivate a shared vision of change for future generations.

SiM III, Photographer: Nasuna Stuart-Ulin
SiM I - Moe Clark, Photographer: Kinga Michalska
SiM I, Photographer: Kinga Michalska
SiM II - Artists and Organisers, Photographer: Stacy Lee

*Harleen left SiM in 2017
*Dona left SiM in May of 2019
*Panthera Whyz also was a core organiser for SiM II (2017)
*Gratitude to all the QT/BIPOC women and/or femmes whose work before us made it possible through continuum and guidance. Especially to Malek, who helped me grow and deepen my path.