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Dona has been such a source of support and encouragement for me as a Black Queer facilitator in a predominantly white program. From giving me tips on connective exercises I can use to hold collective space, to just being an ear to listen and understand some of my unique struggles, Dona’s grounded wisdom has definitely helped me show up in a powerful way for my cohorts. So much gratitude for their commitment to supporting me and the shaping of the Eco-Institute from afar, even with all they have going on!

Psalms White - EIPM

Dona is a very thoughtful, conscientious, and empathetic facilitator. She is able to create an atmosphere where everyone feels welcome and heard, and her interactive group activities allow for in-depth conversations about difficult topics in a safe inclusive environment. It was especially refreshing to be able to connect with her thoughts on the positionality of being a diaspora Asian and settler of colour on Tio’tia:ke. I hope to participate in more of her work in the future!

FS - Workshop Participant

I have been in numerous workshops and have been trained by Dona and she is nothing short of amazing. She has a contagious personality and an uplifting energy that will fill your room. Her facilitation practices are always rooted in compassion, care, love, wisdom, and knowledge. I am so grateful to have shared spaces with Dona and to have received guidance and mentorship from her.


In addition to the organizational strategy and curriculum consultation that Dona has offered to our educational nonprofit, she has contributed to our community repair process and has extended to me personal mentorship for organizational leadership. In every form, and at each step, Dona is patient and diligent, extending questions that go straight to the heart—questions that do not pierce it, but that are capable of cracking it open. Her approach is centered and thoughtful, boundaried and generous. I have been delighted by the ways in which Dona’s questions have invited me to grow and by this thoroughly rewarding relationship.

Alison Sever - EIPM

As a contractor, it was an absolute pleasure working with Dona. She is thorough, flexible, detail-oriented and has a beautiful personality. As a participant, I have learned immensely from Dona’s workshops on ways that we can work together as settlers to be in full solidarity with the Indigenous peoples of this land and how our climate and social justice work can be intersectional. I absolutely recommend Dona as a facilitator both for groups who are looking to hire a facilitator for related workshops and conversations, and also recommend her workshops for people who are looking to continue their learning and actions on solidarity as settlers.

Duha - Sustainable Concordia

Dona is a very skilled facilitator, with many years of experience, with extensive knowledge of earth-based forms of facilitation, and broad knowledge that ranges for poetry to ecology, all of which she diligently brings to each of the spaces she comes into.

Kama La Mackerel

As a mediator, Dona has offered her talents as listener, space holder, negotiator and dare I say – therapist – during some heartbreaking and difficult conflicts. Her humanity shines through when sets firm boundaries in a respectful, loving way, while ensuring that step-by-step, all members are consenting and on the same page. She has taught me how to separate personal from professional matters and has lightened my heart and vision.


Dona is an exemplary community leader whose fierce light has inspired me in my own growth and practices as entrepreneur and artist. I’ll never forget when I saw her in action at an event she had organized at Ausgang. There were hundreds of attendees and people buzzing around. There she was, all smiles, navigating teams and logistics all the while graciously welcoming attendees. I realized then that Dona could dream big and execute.

Monica Paraghamian - Lotus Collective

Dona is one of the greatest facilitators, performers and mentors in Montreal period. I have had the privilege of per-taking in some of her workshops over the last couple of years and they are always very informative, fun and welcoming. She is really great at breaking down complex topics and information to ensure that everyone in the space understands, or feels comfortable enough to ask if they don’t understand. She has also been a great mentor for me.

Sam N.

It is incredible the amount of energy and enthusiasm that Dona brings to her work. She makes workshops and meetings fun and interactive, keeping in mind people’s energy levels as the event progresses.

Workshop Participant

Dona is a joy to work with: resourceful, creative, energetic, and direct. Her writing and performance practices are rich and bold, and she presents unabashed to the world, inspiring boldness and confidence in her turn.

Rachel McCrum - Quebec Writers Federation

Dona facilitated a workshop with our seniors on Oral Ancestry which was just spectacular! We had such a good time, playing with words and without stress, telling our stories in a new way. We still talk about the workshop!

Patrick de Gruyter - Saint Columba House

Dona is a brilliant, fun, generous, utterly trustworthy, diligent, creative and nurturing facilitator. Her efforts in community building through creative facilitation are formidable! She can be counted on for an open mind and a big overflowing heart.

Nadia Chaney - TimeZone Research Lab

I worked with Dona for nearly two years and what consistently stood out to me was the integrity and the experience that she brought to any challenge or task or that came her way. She taught me a great deal about creating meaningful partnerships and building accessible spaces and events. Dona is deeply reflective, creative, and innovative, and she carries this into her projects and relationship-building. These are invaluable skills in an age where we see increasing barriers to human connection and community. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with Dona again and would readily recommend her as a facilitator for arts-based or social justice focused workshops.

Gabrielle Veilleux - CRE

Please contact me using the form for any facilitation or art related bookings and inquiries or email me directly at I look forward to hearing from you. In the meantime, feel free to read some of my testimonials above!